Fall Color Trend Report 2019

September 14, 20191:12 PM

Who else is excited for the fall season? 🙋

My favorite season of all is here, and I can't wait to start enjoying all the autumn activities, wearing fall outfits, and having some pumpkin flavor anything.

In another part, as I tend to do every year, I like to write about the color trends for the season and inform you about which trends are going to be in this season (That's another post coming up soon).

Thanks to Pantone Color Institute, we are able to know which colors are going to the ones you are going to be seeing around.

For this season Autumn/Winter 2019, color Pantone was inspired by the boldness, the different and unique. "Color for Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 range from easy and sophisticated to strikingly different and unique," said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute.

Take a look at these colors and let me know which ones are your favorite.

1) Chili Pepper

This is one of the bold colors of the group.

"A Spicy red, Chili pepper adds drama and excitement as it stimulates the senses."-Pantone Color Institute.

2) Crème de Pêche

"An embracing light peach, Crème de Pêche speaks of softness and ease."

3) Biking Red

"An adventurous deep red, it represents strong and powerful."

4) Peach Pink

A little bit of summer during Autumn. "Warm and flattering imparts a healthy glow."

5) Rocky Road

One of the classic, neutral colors for Fall. This represents the earth, nature.

6) Fruit Dove

A bold and bright tone that adds up to the list this Fall. "An extroverted pink, Fruit Dove creates a presence that can't be ignored."

7) Sugar Almond

Usually my favorite tone for the fall. It represents Autumn in every sense. "An appetizing mid-tone, Sugar Almond is a sweetened shade of brown."

8) Dark Cheddar

This one stands out, another bold from the group. It's a beautiful blend of yellow and orange.

9) Galaxy Blue

A beautiful blue tone for Fall and Winter.

10) Orange Tiger

"Fearless Energy"

11) Bluestone

Soft, quiet, autumn afternoon.

12) Eden

"Stately Forest green that plays on tradition."

To see more of the Winter collection check out: PANTONE

Now that you've seen this collection of colors for the season. Have you decided which one is/are your favorite?

Let me know down below ↧