Fall 2018 Fashion Trends: Get em' now

September 22, 20186:09 AM

Happy Autumn everyone🍁 Is it finally pumpkin season 😂 Raise your hand if you are a pumpkin lover... Or a fall lover 🙋

As I'm typing this post I'm thinking in my head, how is it almost October already? This summer flew by fast, don't you think? However, it was good one. That I wont forget!!

For another part, since the fall season is already here it's time to start getting our fall outfits ready. Are you ready to see the trends for this fall season 2018? Because I am. I'm excited to explore and play with this season's trend.

I decided to put together the top 8 trends for this fall season 2018.  You are going to see some revival 80's trends and some futuristic ones as well. You choose which one you want to rock.
1) Leather 

Leather is a classic for the Fall & Winter season. However, this trend is part of the 80's so this one here represents the revival of those times. Apart from the fact that it helps with the cold weather, it's also a material that represents the cool, breezy season.

2) checks and colorful plaids 

This one is still IN for next season, and I don't think I mind at all. It totally gives me Clueless' vibes. It's very classy, chic and elegant. In another hand, for this season designers decided to step up and add more color to their collection. Check these out:

3) Bright colors

Yes, bright colors!! this trend wasn't only for the spring/summer but for this Fall season as well. Colors such as yellow, red, blue and HOT PINK are going to be very in for this fall 2018

4) Animal print

I have to confess, I DO LOVE Animal Print... Don't you? However, this fall season "apart from your usual cheetah print, designers incorporated bold tiger stripes, and white snow leopard designs"-Marie Claire Magazine.

5) Foils and Plastics

This one represents the future. Transparent and holograms fabrics made it to the fall 2018 runway this year. You can go from hologram shoes and transparent bags to plastic colorful coats. Check these looks:

6) Statements Coats

Oversized coats are the new thing for this fall season. And if it's a bright color, even better. Do you feel like you want to stand out and be bold? Then go ahead and rock this trend.

7) Fringe

This season, the 70's western trends are very in. Snakeskin booties, cowboy prints, and fringe are part of it. Check these out:

8) Ruching

The return of ruching... Yes, it's back again. Rember those ruched dresses and skirts that we wore years ago? Do you still own them? Have you ever own one? Well, it's time to get them out again.

There you have! A preview of this Fall 2018 fashion trends. I made some research, and I pull up together the top 8 trends that you will see around a lot this season. However, if you want to see more I'll go ahead and share the links below.

Link 1 to check more trends
Link 2 to check more trends

To wrap it up, I want you guys to comment down below, What's your favorite season of the year? And which out of these 8 trends is your favorite?