Cooking Vegan

June 8, 20188:25 AM

Vegan or not, this meal can fit into your fitness/healthy category. If not, why not give it a try? This meal is under 20 mins, it fills you up, and you fill your body with great ingredients. 

I'm not fully vegan myself, even though I would love to be in the future. However, I'm transitioning little by little. At least, whenever I cook at home, I try to make a vegan or vegetarian meals. I also substitute and adopt new products and options when it comes to eating. For example, instead of getting regular milk I get soy, almond, or coconut milk. And so many other products that I've switched to vegan/vegetarian options. 

On the other hand, I wanted to share with you guys this delicious meal I prepared the other day for lunch. I divided the meal into three parts to make it easier for you to follow:
1) Asparagus-Mushrooms salad
2) Kale Salad
3) Tofu with soy sauce 

Follow the steps to this recipe and you'll see how easy and tasty it is.

1) First, we have the asparagus-mushrooms salad.

-Mushrooms (your preference)
-Green Onions
-Thyme or Rosemary leaf

Direction: 5 Minutes

Start by cutting the bottom part of the asparagus. Boil the asparagus and the mushrooms for four minutes. 

Meanwhile, chop the green onions into very small parts. Once the asparagus and mushrooms are ready, take them out and mix it all together. 

Place the thyme on top of it so the vapor of the boiled veggies absorbs the essence of the thyme. 

Now we proceed to the second salad:

2) Kale Salad

-Kale (As much as you want, I used two leaves)
-Green olives stuffed with pimiento
-Lemon, olive oil and pinch of salt (for the dressing)

Direction (5 minutes)

We start by cutting the kale into small parts. Remember just to cut the part of the kale that's not close to the stem, if not it will taste bitter (see pic below for more info). Place them in the bowl where you'll mix the kale salad altogether.

Second, cut the tomatoes into square parts. Put them in the bowl. 

Then get as many green olives as you desire. Cut them in half. Place them in the bowl.
Proceed to make the dressing. Mix the olive oil, a pinch of salt, and the squeezed lemon. Pour it into the bowl. Mix it and it's ready to go. Easy!!

How to Cut the Kale

And for the last part, we have the Protein!!

3) Tofu with soy sauce

-Extra-firm tofu
-Soy sauce
-Coconut Oil in spray
-Minced onion seasoning

Direction (5-7 minutes)

Cut the tofu into small squares. Then, on a pan-fry spray the coconut oil. Let it warm up for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Place the tofu in the pan fry. Wait 1 minute and turn it over. Go ahead and pour soy sauce on the tofu:

Spread it all over the tofu and turn it over. Do the same thing on the other side of the tofu. 
Then take the minced onions seasoning and sprinkle it all over the tofu:

Once it's all spread with the soy sauce and the onions then turn the oven off, and your tofu is ready to go!! 

Place everything on a plate and enjoy your meal. Your mind and body will appreciate it AND so will the animals:)

Let me know in a comment below if you tried this recipe or is it relative to you? Have you ever try any vegan meal before?