Top 10 places I would love to travel

February 17, 20187:31 AM

Traveling, a word that relaxes and excites the soul every time someone mentions it. Are you agree with me on this? Traveling has been a great exercise for me so far. It opens your mind to new things and cultures you've never experienced. It brings happiness and excitement. And of course, if you are a food lover like me, you will get to experience different types of dishes depending on where you go. I haven't traveled everywhere, in fact, I've traveled to 4 different places in the USA. So, I cannot wait to get out there and start exploring, but everything little by little.

I created this post because I want to show you guys the places that I want to visit within 5 years from now and then I want YOU to tell me which ones from the list have you been to.

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1) Egypt

 It's been one of my favorites countries since I was 12 years old. It's been a dream and definitely, a must do on my bucket list. I love Egypt's ancient history. I do watch a lot of documentaries about Egypt, read books about it so it will be a dream come true to visit this country.

2) The United States

I would love to travel the entire USA on a car road trip, but that it's not going to happen unless I quit my job and school for like a year 😂. Meanwhile, I can just visit a different state each year. I love the USA, it has so many different types of views, lands, and attractions. I will say that my next trip is to Tennessee. The Smoky Mountains is so on the top of my list. 

3) Thailand
This country made it to my bucket list because of the food, the beaches, and their interesting culture.

4) Europe (France, Italy, London)

C'mon!! If you don't want to visit these places at least once in your life, then where?
There's is something special about Europe. The architectures, the history, the food, the great moment you experienced while been there. All that I WANT IT!!

5) Costa Rica

I've heard and seen so many great things about this country. I'm a Jurassic Park fan, so I know the movie took place in some areas of this beautiful country. The volcano, the beach, and the rainforest sound like a great adventurous idea for me.

6) Cuba

Yes totally!! Have you seen their beaches? So beautiful and clear. And one of the good things about visiting Cuba is that you don't need to spend a lot of money. The flight, stay and expenses are very affordable. Oh!! And I cannot forget their delicious food and amazing people.

7) China

Such a big country with a lot of beautiful and interesting places that I cannot miss. And hey!!! The food too.

8) Ireland

Oh, why not? Castles, breathtaking sceneries, pub culture, and so much more!!

9) Australia

First of all, the accent!!
I chose Australia as one of the top 10 countries they have so many types of things to do. From Western Australia to their beautiful beaches and reefs, the things to do and places to visit in AU are endless.

10) The Caribbean Islands

I know this one is easier to achieve for me because I can just take a cruise and do it all in like a week or less, right? 
I would love to see those turquoise water, white sand, and relax the whole day. However, I would also like to do the activities and excursions they offer. 

Those are my top 10 places that I would love to visit and explore. Of course, I do have other countries that I want to go, but these are my primary ones. 

What do you think? Have you been to one of these places? What are your top 3 places that you want to visit?