Top Fashion Trends for the 2018

January 2, 201812:50 PM

Happy New Year Everybody!!! I'm wishing you the best for this 2018. 

Apparently, news and studies are saying it's going to be hard year. All we have to do is just pray for the world, have peace in our hearts, act with kindness, help the others. To be honest, yes it might be bad and probably worse by next year too; However, what's going to make a difference or helps us go throughout will be our way of acting and responding to it. So stay positive and kind, that's my advice to you and me as well.

In another hand, I decided to start the year with a post that hopefully we are all going to enjoy. I was doing a research and on the top trends for this year, and I found interesting things. I saw that many trends are coming back and some we are still keeping it around for a while now. 

I made a list of some of the top trends that you'll be seeing around this year 2018. Scroll down for more and let me know which one is your favorite.

1) Pastels (Specially lavender)

I'm a fan of pastel colors. The mellow tones on lipsticks, clothes, accessories, and even on hair colors, makes everything look so romantic and calm. The pastel trend had been around for a while now, however this 2018 they decided to concentrate more on the LAVENDER color. 

2) Fringe

Yes!! A lots of 'shake your outfit' everywhere for this year. Fringe made a comeback again this year, and becoming a power trend for this 2018.

3) Plastic and transparencies

Recycle your plastics and make them into your new coat (Just kidding, unless you know how to do that then WOOHOO). From coat to shoes, staying clear will be a hot trend this 2018. 

4) Check Print

It's a very classy, elegant print that you'll be seeing around this year. You will usually find it on blazers and pants, however be ready to take it to the next level by mixing it with bold colors and floral prints.

5) Sequins

I'm so glad sequins are totally back for this year. I'm a glitter lover and everything that sparkles. And believe it or not, sequins and sparkles will be the next big deal for the Spring/Summer 2018.  

6) Bold Colors

Good thing you have the options right? If you don't want to wear pastel then go for this trend. Vibrant, bold shades such as red, yellow, royal blue and oranges will make your outfit brighter for this year. 

7) 60's Floral print

Not your typical small floral prints. 60's floral prints are more dramatic, big and full of colors. Take a look to these:

Now that you have an idea on what trends to expect these 2018, are you ready to play with it? Which one is your favorite?