OOTD: Mustard Sweater+ Black skirt

November 15, 20178:23 AM

Welcome back everyone💛

October was such a great month, and I can’t believe we are now in the middle of September. This year has been passing by so fast. Christmas is around the corner, and we even haven't had Thanksgiving yet 😂

In another hand, for this post I bring you another Fall look. I’ve been so busy at work lately that I haven't be able to post this look i’m about to show you. I wore this two weeks ago to visit a pumpkin patch. I was so excited to go, and buy pumpkins for some decorations I needed to finish at home.

However, when I got there they told me it was closed for the season, so I felt sad because I was really excited to go. I stood there inside my car parked in front of a huge green field, thinking about how I missed the pumpkin patch. Until I thought, “Ok, maybe since I’m here I just go ahead and do a photoshoot here in the middle of this farm field".

By the way, it was empty, it didn’t have any sowing, so it was fine to go in there. I had my sister with me and my camera, so she just started shooting. I was glad I stayed a little bit, because being there was super relaxing and peaceful. We got to catch the sunset, and after that we just went to get something to eat. After all it wasn’t a bad day.

Outfit Details

-Mustard Sweater:

-High Waisted button down skirt:

-Fishnet Socks:

-Suede Ankle boots:

I totally enjoyed wearing this outfit. Not only because it was comfortable, but because I felt very appropriate for fall. The mustard color is a such a great color to wear on the fall. Of course, you can rock it anytime, but there's like a special feeling when you wear it on the right occasion. I'm I the only one who feels this way? 😂 🤔

What do you think about the outfit? And what's your favorite color to wear on the Fall? Let me know on a comment down below🍁.