Fall 2017 Color Report

October 2, 20173:04 PM

🍁 Fall season is officially here, and I couldn't be more excited. As I had said before like amillion times, Fall season it's my favorite season of them all. The cool breeze, food, colors and fashion trends are so inspirational and beautiful during that season. I really can't wait to start wearing all the beautiful fall colors and trends.

Meanwhile, I can go ahead and introduce you to the color report of the season. I love to write about the color report so you and I can be informed about it. Thanks to Pantone, we all have that available and we can be inform about the colors of the season on time.

For this post I will present you the color report for this Fall 2017. Enjoy it:

1) Grenadine

❤️ One of the most powerful colors in the color collection. According to Pantone, this beautiful red with an orange undertone represents confident and it's an attention getter.

2) Tawny port

This is still on the red family but in a deeper tone. Tawny port is a dark purple or plum tone that represents elegancy and a tasteful selection.

3) Ballet Slipper

Representing one of the softer colors in the collection, ballet slippers gives a beautiful and feminine touch to the pantone color report.

4) Butterum

A warming, toasty shade. Representing the earth tones and beautiful autumn's afternoons. This is a very neutral shade that can be combined with any color of the color collection.

5) Navy Peony

Back to the dark tones, the navy peony it's like the black color for this collection. The new go-to neutral color.

6) Neutral Gray

Neutral gray is another neutral color on the palette. It will pair well with Navy Peony or it can be used as a statement color.

7) Shaded Spruce

Beautiful green shade that represents the forest.

8) Golden Lime

It's a beautiful yellow-green that gives a refreshing look to the fall tones on this collection. It's a very fun color to play with and it will pair well with most of the colors of the collection such as, Marina, Autumn Maple, Butterum, ballerina Slippers and more. 

9) Marina

According to Pantone institute, this is the only true cool color that brings freshness and brightness to the palette.

10) Autumn Maple

My all time favorite fall season color, the pumpkin inspire color. It's warm color inspired by the beautiful fall leaves.

Those are the 10 beautiful colors for the fall season.

And for the first time, Pantone Institute decided to get inspired by London fashion runway and create a separate palette for them. I will not show all the information about it, however I will show you the picture of the palette. You can also find the full details at their official website: Pantone.com

How about that one? Just as beautiful as the New York Inspired palette.

Once again, Pantone killed it with these amazing colors. I already have a couple favorites that i know I'll be using for sure, How about you? What's your favorite fall color? 🍁