Two Casual Outfit With The Same Jacket

July 8, 20177:30 AM

Don't you love when you have a piece of clothing that you can wear with anything? I DO!😁
I love how you can pull out so many outfits with it and look good. For instance, this jacket that I will show you is one of them.

I wore these outfits when I was in NY. The first day I wore the jacket to walk around and do some errands before leaving to Miami. The other outfit I wore it for the airport. 

I have to say that this jacket is every comfy and love the design and color. Having pieces of clothing like these is totally worth it. You can use it in different ways and different styles. 

Take a look to the outfits and let me know what you think:

πŸ’šGreen Jacket with Pink combo:πŸ’—

JACKET: Forever 21⏐PINK TEE: In Store. Get Similar Here⏐JEANS: Hollister 

πŸ’šGreen Jacket with Burgundy top (Look 2):❤️


These are very comfy outfits. They're so perfect for school, airports, or just shopping at the mall. 

What's your fave to-go look? Do you own a garment that can go with everything? What is it? Let me know on a comment πŸ‘‡