Off The Shoulder and Fishnet Trend

July 26, 201710:57 AM

We've seen so many trends out there. There's always the ones that you love and others that you just don't like it at all. However, what I love the most about trends is that it always comes back. For instance, the fishnet trend. Have you try the fishnet trend already? Last time I tried it I was probably around 12. Now it came back even more powerful, and I have to confess that I love it.
In fact, It's nothing like when we were kids, at least I wore this trend back in the early 2000's. I remember the fishnets being super colorful and my outfits being, well, HORRENDOUS. Thanks God it's nothing like that now. I love how the trend came in a little more edgy and sophisticated at the same time making the outfits more chic.

Check out my look and let me know what you think:

Nothing like a Saturday afternoon walking around Central Park and downtown New York. That was back on my trip in March, we visited central park and walk around Time Square. I decided to wear this outfit (scroll down for more pictures) because the weather and the occasion was perfect for it.

I really loved the weather and the environment that day in New York. It is totally one of my favorite cities for sure. 

I love this backpack from Express. It's so great to travel and to walk around the whole day. It is very lightweight and it has great compartments as well. Oh and of course it's chic. 

I decided to wear this beautiful Off-The-Shoulder floral top with ripped high waisted jeans. I added the fishnets underneath to make it trendy. For the accessories, I wore my all time faves pair of ankle lace up boots in black to combine it with the backpack.  Check out down below for more details:


-Off The Shoulder Top:

Mine is from: Charlotte Russe (Sold out)

Similar here: Zaful

-Ripped Jeans:

Mine is from: Garage (SOLD OUT)

Similar hereASOS Just cut a little
 more the ripped section to make it more open


Mine is fromFashionNova

-Lace up ankle boots:

Mine is from: Macy's (Sold OUT)

Similar here:  Nordstrom


Mine is from: EXPRESS

Similar here: Calvin Klein

Both Off-The-Shoulder trend and the fishnet trend are way back from 90's and we see it back again this year. I'm really enjoying it, they're both super chic and edgy at the same time.

Are you loving these trends? What's your favorite trend of the moment?