Truth about these Starbucks drinks: Bought it and tried it

June 20, 20177:14 AM

Yes! I love Starbucks and trying new things from their menu as well. So if you do love trying new drinks then keep reading this post πŸ˜€.

If you're on social media, you're probably familiar with some of these drink that I'm going to be showing you today. They're well-known as the "Starbucks Secret Menu," which are drinks that are not on the Starbucks menu, but you can customize it and make it a 'Fab Drink' or exclusive drink.

Those drinks look extremely delicious and beautiful as well. The problem is that some of these drinks look so different on the internet that in real life. In fact, they might be photoshop. So if you go to Starbucks thinking you're going to get the same pretty drink you saw online, then you might walk out disappointed with the look of your drink. That's why I decided to make this post, so I can show you how these drinks really look in real life.😊

I will show you the pictures of the drinks how they show it online vs how it looks in real life. Don't get me wrong, these drinks are soooo good. In fact, I recommend you to go ahead and try them if you haven't.

1) The Matcha and Pink drink

This is the first drink that I felt in love with as soon as I saw it online. I loved the colors and the combination of flavors, so I knew right away I had to try this. πŸ’–

I went to the Starbucks store and ask them if they can do this for me, the response was a little sad for me just because I thought this was real 😞. They told me they had made that drink before, and it doesn't come out the same. They tried it different ways and nothing, they even told me some of those drinks online are photoshopped. However, they did their best.

I do have to say that it was an interesting flavor. It's very refreshing and has a great taste. I love the mix of the matcha and the very hibiscus together. 

Online Picture
Actual Drink
Actual Drink

2) Iced Raspberry Caramel Macchiatto

Oh God! I was so excited for this one as well, look how pretty it looks in the online pictureπŸ’–. This was the first drink that I order out of all them. I was really disappointed when the barista handed me the drink and I saw no pink on it. I was telling myself, maybe she did it wrong or something. So, I went back another day to another Starbucks and order this same drink. Same thing happened, no pink on my drink like it shows on the picture. That's when I confirmed ALL OF THIS STUFF ARE SO PHOTOSHOP.πŸ™„ 

Now, when it comes to the flavor you will totally like this one if you are into berries flavors. I love the taste of it very much, I think I like it better than the original Iced Caramel Macchiatto (Don't kill me now Caramel Macchiatto's fans πŸ˜…).
Online Drink

Actual Drink

3) Twix Frappuccino

For me this drink looks way better in pictures than in reality. I won't say it's bad because it's not, but it just not how I expected it. I'm a fan of Twix, it's one of my favorite chocolates. However, this drink could be better though. 

The look was kind of similar, even though I think the online picture has a filter or something because it looks different in color than the actual picture. I added a cookie straw to make it more Twix type of drink. πŸ‘
Online Drink
Actual Drink

4) Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Another drink that does not look the same as the online picture. I tried this one twice as well just to confirm that it wasn't the barista doing the drink wrong but the fake picture. Both times came out the same. They didn't have the Raspberry drizzle, so I substitute it for the mocha drizzle on top. The drink didn't come out light pink like in the online picture. But the flavor was good.

It tastes more like a strawberry shortcake. It was good though, I recommend this one!! 

Online picture
Actual Drink

5) Nutella Frappuccino

You can't go wrong with this one for sure!! I did love the taste because you can actually taste the Nutella flavor. When it comes to the look, it did look kind of the same, so I think this one it's not photoshopped at all. 
Online Picture
Actual drink

6) Narwhal Frappuccino 

I remember I saw this drink going viral on Instagram and Snapchat, and I wanted to try it right away. It called my attention the flavors of this drink. This one is so refreshing and different. I totally recommend this one for sure.

The look is also the same as the online picture so no photoshopped for this one neither. 

Online Picture

Actual Drink
Now that I told you the truth about these drinks, go ahead and try it for yourself and have fun with new flavors. Hopefully you enjoy it!!

Let me know on comment πŸ‘‡,  which one is your favorite Starbucks Drink?