Food that are totally worth it in New York

June 30, 20176:20 AM

When it comes to food, I love trying new things. I enjoy traveling and getting to know other's culture and cities, but if includes local food from wherever I am HEY COUNT ME IN!!

I recently went to New York for the second time this year. It has become one of my favorite cities in the USA. The people are awesome, and the environment is very energetic. Since NY is the capital of the world, I love how people are exposed to so many different cultures, and that opens your mind and eyes as well.

I went to NY back in January this year. I did all the tourist stuff,  and as many tours as we possibly could. However, I promised myself that the next time I go to NY it was going to explore and try different types of NY food. So I googled 'NY famous food' to go with an idea of what to try when I'm there. 

I could try all of them, but I'm glad at least i got to try some of the most famous one. Now, I will show you guys the places that I went to in NY, and some food that are totally worth it to eat while you are there.

1) Pizza🍕

Of course I will put pizza in the first place, because what are you if you go to NY and eat a slice of pizza? 😅 C'mon!!!!! The size of that pizza can fill your whole life (maybe i'm being dramatic). The taste of it is just unique, so NY. And if it's for $1 HELL YEAH!!!!! I literally ate pizza everyday while I was in NY. I set the goal to eat pizza everyday and I accomplished it, I DESERVE A CROWN 😅🍕🎉👑

2) Pastrami Sandwich

Pastrami sandwiches are very famous in NY, and I didn't know anything about it until I got there.  My mom took to the most famous restaurant for Pastrami "KATZ". I instantly knew that place was good since I saw the line of people waiting to get in outside. The restaurant is been around since 1888 so you know it's a big deal.

I LOOOOVED THEIR PASTRAMI SANDWICH!!! So juicy and tasty... Totally recommend this restaurant here.

3) Ice cream🍦

Beautiful colors and deferents type of flavors that makes you want to eat an ice cream every day. Ice trucks are easy to find and they have so many options to choose from. I also went to Two Swerve Soft located in Allen St, NY. I loooove their ice cream, super soft and very cool toppings as well. I tried their Matcha Green Tea ice cream and the Ube (Purple Yam) as well, and they're both so freaking good. 

4) Doughnuts🍩

Well this is another thing you have to try while you are in NY. Their doughnuts are sooo delicious and soft, that it will melt in your mouth. I love the fact that they have so many options to choose form,

I went to Doughnut Planet, and I recommend this place if you want to get some gourmet doughnuts. Beautiful decor and awesome flavors. I loved their Red velvet, matcha green tea, and the coconut one ❤️

5) Cheesecake🍰

Yes! NY Cheesecake taste different and I love it. First of all the size of a piece of cheesecake is huge. Second, you will fall in love at your first bite, it will create wonders for your life 😂. If you go to NY you have to try their cheesecake for sure. I went to Lindy's which is located in Broadway.

6) Other food that you and I have to try next time in NY:

I wasn't able to try these food even though i wanted to sooo bad. However, it is on my list for the next  time I go to NY.

-Belgian Waffles:

I was actually hoping I could try these delicious Belgian waffles while i was staying at NY, but I couldn't try it. So next time for sure!! 

-New York Bagels:

They said maybe is the water from New York that makes their bagel one of the best bagels in the country. Whatever it is, it looks extremely delicious and I DO want to try them for sure. 


This is a Japanese dish that had become very famous in New York. Apparently is one of New York's trendy food, so yes It's on my list. 

If you have another famous food that you think I have to try (and everyone else), please feel free to leave it on a comment.👇