April Favorite Beauty Products

May 2, 20172:51 PM

I can't believe April is gone already. I remember January like it was just yesterday. I like that the days go by fast, but at the same time I hate it. I feel like you can't take advantage of the time, because it goes by really fast.

Anyway, I'm happy to show you guys the products that I bought on this month and that already used. I love to share my favorite beauty products with others, because I feel like if the products are really good why not let others know about it so they can be happy with it as well? Right? I'm not selfish when it comes to that πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚.

To continue, in this post I will show you guys my favorite products of the month, which is more concentrated in nails polish and skin care. Take a look down below and let me know what you think.

1) Nail Polish perfect for spring

These beautiful colors that I will show you now are so perfect for the spring season. You should totally give it a try!!

A mint color from Essence
Color: Essence-ABAF
Beautiful Medium Pink Tone 
Color: Essence-BEAF

Color: O.P.I Color Shine-Polly Want A Lacquer?
It's like the perfect Lavender tone.

Color: O.P.I- Dulce De Leche
Looking for a nude? Here you got it.

Perfect sky blue for this season.
Color: O.P.I- To Be Continued...

Love this purple-mauve color for spring/summer.
Color: O.P.I-You Sustain Me

🌸 This are the color that I picked for the spring/sumer season. They are pretty mellow and it goes perfect with the color report of the season (Click here to see the color report of the season).

I bought all these colors at ULTA. You can get them at any store or drugstore that sell these brands.

Now let's talk about one of my favorite topics, Skin Care.

2) Clinique Skin Care:

 If you know me, you have to know that I love skin care products. I always in the hunt for new products for my skin.

Clinique is one of the brands that I really love. Not only because it sits pretty amazing on my skin, but also because it delivers great results.

I've been trying these new products from Clinique and I loved it so far, take a look:

-Vitamin C Pressed Powder (Face Wash):

πŸ‘ This is an OMG product. I loooove this one right here!! It's a brand new product and line for Clinique. I love how it feels on the skin and the brightness that it gives you right away. This is a 5% of concentrated vitamin c powder that you mix with water to form a face wash. It purifies your skin and it gives an instant brightness.

Check out this mini video I made, to show you guys how to use it:

*Only use a couple drops of water mix with the powder, so you won't make it super watery. You want this to be a thick mix*

Get this vitamin C pressed powder here: Clinique.com

-Moisture Surge Supercharged Hydrating Concentrate:

This is another fave so far. It's also a brand new product for the moisture surge franchise at Clinique. I love how fresh and hydrating your skin feels with none of the weight. It's a water-gel hydrator and booster for all skin types. I love the fact that's oil free and very lightweight. And the presentation is beautiful, that for sure!!

I use it after my serum and before my booster moisturizer. You can use it by itself if you want or as a final step in your skin care routine.

Get yours here: Clinique.com

-Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief:

This Picture belongs to TheSundayGirl.com

This is love at first touch you guys!! πŸ’– This is a classic for Clinique. If you know Clinique for while then you probably heard a lot of good things or seen this product around. I was using another moisturizer, but I decided to give this one a try. I LOVE IT.

It's an oil free, water based, cream- gel moisturizer for all skin types. I love how dewy and hydrating your skin feels and look. I personally use this product together with the supercharged water that i showed above this one. You can use it by itself or add it with others products that you love.

*Fact: It's a perfect moisturizer to use before applying your foundation, because it absorbs on the skin quick*

Another product that will pair perfectly with the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, is the new pigments drops from Clinique:

If you're looking for a dewy, natural, fresh makeup look for the spring/summer then I suggest the BIY Pigment Drops from Clinique.

Get the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief here: Clinique.com
Get the BIY Pigment Drops here: Clinique.com

Now let's move to body care:

3) Mocha Coffee Scrub for the Body and Face:

Before I got this one, I heard about it like a year ago, but I never bought it. So the other i was just checking my body and noticed certain parts of it that needed a detox or scrubbing, whatever you want to call it. So I went on the internet looking for a coffee scrub just because I heard good things about it. I found this amazing scrub from Theotherscrub.com and as soon as I used it I fell in love with it.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the picture I posted about this productπŸ“Έ ( check it out over here ), i said that this is one of the products that I will love and use for the rest of my life. I just love how the skin feels so hydrated and soft after using this scrub.

I apply it once or twice a week, all over my body for 5-10 minute for great results. This coffee scrubs helps with Cellulite, stretch marks, acne, dryness, and to remove the death cells on your skin. THIS IS A MUST TRY!!

I really want you guys to try this product, you're going to love everything about it. For that reason go ahead and click this link:  TheOtherScrub.com and get yours. USE THIS 10% OFF COUPON CODE "LARITSA10". 


And this is it for today's post. I Really hope you like these review about my favorite products of the month. I want to let you know that i made these honest reviews because I already tried and love these products. Nothing here is advertise!!πŸ’–

If you have any questions about these products I would honored to answer them on the comment box down below.πŸ‘‡

Also I would love to know what is your favorite product of the month? let me know down belowπŸ‘‡