5 different ways to rock your bralette

May 13, 20177:56 AM

I remember when bralettes came out again on trend again, 🤔 I think it was last year? Anyway, I wasn't really excited about it. However, as soon as I tried my first bralette I literally felt in love with it. The feel, the comfort, and the design of it was just way too good for my "lil babies"🌕🌕. Now I own about six pairs of them, and I enjoy wearing them whenever I'll wear them. 

I know there're a lot of people out there that will also love to try a bralette, or maybe already have a pair of them, but don't know how to style it. For this reason, I decided to make this post, because I want to give you some ideas on how to wear them. 

Check out the pictures below on how to rock your bralette, and let me know which one is your favorite on a comment down below 👇

1) Loose/open cut shirt 

You can rock your bralette with a loose tank top that's open from the sides or with a sweater that's open on the back. Check this out:

2) Low cut top

Another way to style your bralette is with a low cut top. The low cut top will show the top part of the bralette making you look a little sexy but darling at the same time. 

3) on top of a button down top

You've probably seen this look around in a lots of celebrities. This is the "bra out" look. It was also seen in the latest fashion runways, so it's consider a trend for the year. To style this, just wear your bralette on top of a white button down shirt (because your want to make a contrast with the color of your bra), and on top of it your favorite bralette. 

4) See through tops

This is one of my favorites for sure. See through tops or mesh tops are a hot trend at the moment, so might as well take advantage of it and use it with your favorite bralette. To rock this, just make sure the bralette is an outstanding color so could see the difference /contrast of color between the see through top and the bralette. 

5) By itself as a crop top

And for the last one, you can totally style your bralette by just using itself as a crop top. You can combine it with a high-waisted shorts, skirts, jeans. Take a look to these pics:

Now that you have some ideas on how to style bralettes, go ahead and work with them and have fun.

Which one is your favorite so far? 👇❤️