Spring 2017 color report

April 22, 201712:40 PM

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."-Wassily Kandinsky.

Thanks God for Pantone 😂 💝 Every year and every season they bring us happiness with new and old colors that will be on a top 10 list of the season. This list represent the colors that are in, and that designers will or already used on their collection. You will see these colors around for the entire season of the moment. Also each of the colors represent something that in general will match the whole meaning of the color collection. 
Today, I will provide this amazing list with the Top 10 colors of the Spring 2017 and the meaning of each one.

Keep reading to see more and don't forget to leave me a comment with your favorite color of the season.

1) Primrose Yellow

Aaa What is a spring without vivid colors? I think this is one of the most important colors of the collection; Not only because it's vivid and bright, but also because it represents the joy and warmth of the spring. 

2) Pale Dogwood

One of my favorites of the collection for sure. I love pale pinks, it's totally a super trend now. I love how it looks on any skin type. This color represents the quiet and peaceful. According to Pantone, this pink shade brings innocence and purity to the collection. 

3) Hazelnut

Hail to nudes colors forever. I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for nudes colors. It's a always a neutral tone that goes well with almost any other color. 

4) Island Paradise

 This beautiful blue shade doesn't need an extra explanation. The name says it all. According to Pantone, it represents our dream of the great escape.

5) Greenery

According to Pantone color report 2017, this color represents our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. It's a beautiful yellow-green that shows the bright side of the collection.

6) Flame

This red-orange is a fun color. It represents the heat of the collection and the spring.

7) Pink Yarrow

What a beautiful shade of pink. I'm a pink lover, any pink shade is beautiful to me. But I;m actually so happy that finally we have a hot pink back in trend. This beautiful shade represents the tropical and festive. It's very bold and lift your spirit.

8) Niagara

Pantone says it's a classic denim-blue that leads to our desire for ease and relaxation. 

9) Kale

Healthy and great outdoors lifestyle. Love this green, it totally represents the nature and spring season. 

10) Lapis Blue

I love how different shades of blue Pantone decided to incorporate for this spring. This shade of blue represents energy, strong and confident. 

In conclusion, all of these colors represent the spring season of this year. It's so beautiful and neat.
I'm so excited to start wearing these colors and combine them :D

Let me know on a comment down below, which one is your favorite color of the collection so far?