Hottest 10 Trend Of the Moment

December 6, 20167:13 AM

In a few post before, we talked about the Color Report For This Fall 2016, and about the Top Trends For The Fall, and the Top 7 Boots To Wear This Season as well. Now that we just started the month December (I can't believe is already December) I want to bring you a similar post, but more updated. It's like a refreshment of what we already saw with a little more of the trend for this month.

I got inspired by an email I got from Polyvore (Check out my Polyvore here). It gave me the idea right away to create a post and inform you guys about 10 hot trends that you will see around a lot on December-January. 

Please take a look and let me know what you think:

1) Robe Coats

This beautiful coat is one of the top 10 trends now for the winter. The fact that you can wrap it around your waist makes this coat very classy, and good for defining your waist. Take a look to these coats and click the links below to shop for robe coats:

Get Robe Coats Here:

2) Oversized Sweater Dresses

I love oversized sweaters. They're just so comfy and warm. They made to list this year once again. Take a look to these sweaters:

Get Oversized Jackets Here:

3) Faux Fur Trim Parkas

I don't know about you, but I go FAUX FUR all the way (NO to animal cruelty). Even though faux fur it's not the warmest, it will look good as a trim just like these coats:

Get Faux-Fur Trim Parkas Here:

4) Shirt Dresses

From summer to winter, shirt dresses can transaction in your outfit. Shirt dresses can solve your outfit for the day by doing layering and a pair of leather leggings.

Get Shirt Dresses Here:

5) Bell Sleeves Sweaters

I'm so into this retro trend. From long and big sleeves to short or embroidery, this trend is hot must wear for this fall-winter.

Get Bell Sleeve Sweaters Here:

6) Velvet Blazers

Yes to velvet. This beautiful, shiny, and classy fabric will make your blazer different and stylish. Combine them with some leather pants or skirt with a pair of high knee boots and you'll be bomb:

Get Velvet Blazers Here:

7) Metallic Skirts

Who said metallic was only for the summer? NO WAY! As you might see before on my post 10 trends to wear for this fall, metallic colors were part of the fashion runway this season. You can rock them during a day as well for a nighttime.

Get Metallic Skirts Here:

8) Leopard Print Coats

A very fierce way to show your style. Leopard prints it's been back and forth in the fashion world. This season they made it back again. Wear a leopard coat and walk like you are the BO$$ of the street.

Get Leopard Print Coats Here:

9) Embroidery Jeans

Denim silhouettes are so in right now. Set your sight with a new pair of these:

Get Embroidery Jeans Here:

10) Platform Oxford

From fashion runways to celebrities, menswear is always inspiring them to find new ways to rock their outfits. Oxford shoes are a way to improve your outfit or take it to a new level. If you haven't tried it before, I totally recommend you that you try it. I felt in love with it not too long ago, they are so comfy, stylish and kinds of go with everything.

Get Platform Oxford Shoes Here:

Now that you took a look to the hottest trend right now, are you ready to wear them? Which one was your favorite? Let me know on a comment below 👇