Christmas Desk Decor

December 2, 20166:17 AM

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is almost here, we want to transition our home/room decor into the holidays season🎄. I'm actually sad to say goodbye to my fall decor🍁🍂 , but I'm also so happy to welcome my Christmas decor into my room🎄✨.

So, that's why I decided to prepare a new post about Christmas theme decoration. It will be mostly concentrated in the desktop decoration, either from your work, room, or wherever you placed your computer/office desktop.

In order to get good prices of the items that I wanted to get, I went to Tj-Maxx just because they have cute things and good prices. I also grabbed a few things from the Dollar Store. I will say that this whole decor is under $35 bucks. Not bad🌞

I decided to pick two neutral colors that will go with the color of my room. I didn't want to pick the usual red and green Christmas colors (❤️ 💚even though I wanted to lol), so I picked the colors silver and white. Like I said, I picked those colors because I wanted to be neutral with my room color. If not my room will look like a carnival of colors. 

To continue with the desk decor, I will show the pictures below and  the items that you will need to  have an idea on creating a beautiful Christmas inspired theme on your desktop (or room). Take a look below and let me know what you think.

Things You Will Need:

- Silver Vase (Tj-Maxx)
- Christmas Set of Salt/Pepper (Tj-Maxx)
- Mini Square Christmas Sign (Tj-Maxx)
- Ceramic Snowman (Tj-Maxx)
- Christmas Candle & Silver Holder (Bath & Body Works)
- Silver Picture Frame (Dollar Store)
- String Lights (Tj-Maxx)
- 1-2 Set of White Flowers (Dollar Store)
- Silver tinsel stems (Dollar Store)
- Silver Eucalyptus ( Tj-Maxx)
- Fake Snow to add at the end (OPTIONAL)


The first things I started with were the flowers and vase. I opened the silver eucalyptus and divided in half. I place half of the eucalyptus on the vase as well with one set of the white flowers. I tried to spread it out. I also added 6-7 of the silver tinsels stems in between the silver eucalyptus and the white flowers to make the set fuller. 

Once I had that flower vase ready, I placed the Salt/Pepper Christmas set in front of the vase. 
I also started adding the Christmas string lights. So, I placed it on the window line close the desktop and finish it around the vase. Take a look:

For the second part, I proceeded to the middle part of the desk. I placed my computer in the middle just to know when to place the decor around it right. Behind the computer I placed the little square Christmas sign that says, "Peace On Earth". Right next to it, I out the office utensils such as, pencil holder, post its, and more. 

Now that we are done with the main part of the desktop, we go to the upper part on the table (at least for my desk). Since that section is more for decoration, I placed the things that will not be around the computer, books or other stuff.  For instance I placed the ceramic snowman and the Christmas candle inside the candle holder right next to the snowman. I also placed the silver frame picture next to the candle. Inside the frame I placed some polaroids pics that I took from last Christmas. 

To make it look a little bit more decorated, I added five silver trims stems and gave it a form. Take a look👇

With the other half of the silver plastic eucalyptus, I divided in parts and placed them in different areas of my room. For example, I got a couple of the eucalyptus, and placed them on a fragrance basket I have under my makeup table:

Also on my bookshelf:

And for the final look of the table:

I added this ornament at the end❄️
And this extra christmas light on the back of my bed✨
This decoration literally took me around an hour or less, including taking off the fall decoration as well. So I really hope you can give it a try as well.

I really enjoyed doing this, you can totally feel the spirit of christmas🤗✨. Just put on some christmas music on, a good christmas candle and enjoy the easy process.

I want to know, what do you think about this post? Have you decorated your room ye or your house? Please let me know on a comment down below👇

Thank you💖