OOTD: Pumpkin patch inspired outfit

November 12, 201611:31 AM

OMG! 😁 I just went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in my life. As an autumn lover, you could imagine the happiness I felt when I walked into that farm and saw all those pumpkins together. It is inexplicable! Kind of like of my dreams coming true πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚.

For those who want to know, the place that I went to is located in Homestead, FL. It's called "The Little Farm" and by the way, it is a huge farm. Every year during the month of October, they open a whole section to make a pumpkin patch. In fact, they have activities and beautiful sections to take pictures. If you live in Miami, you definitely need to go next year.

Anyway, I decided to wear something that will match the theme 'Pumpkins' πŸŽƒ . So in this post I will show you the outfit I wore, which is inspired by the beautiful pumpkin patch I went. I have to say that it was so comfortable walking around the farm with this outfit. It was beautiful, chic and comfortable for the occasion.

Check out the pictures below to see the outfit and to find more info of where to find it.

Outfit Details:

Top (Mine is from Forever 21 Red stores):

Pants (Mine is from Macy's):

Shoes (Mine is from Aldo):

Backpack ( so my fave from Ebay):

Hat (From Forever 21):

As you can see in the pictures above, I used what it's called a bell sleeve blouse in the color 'Potter's Clay', which is super in for the fall colorsπŸŽƒ. This top is a hot trend right now, so you might see it in a lot of stores. I combined with wide legs or palazzo black pants to make it even (Wide on the sleeves-Wide on the legs). Those pants are so comfortable and elegant, I really recommend having one of these in your closet.

Now for the shoes' part, I wore one of my favorite flats for the fall, the suede lace up nude flats. I love the fact that just because of the color, it can almost go with everything. I did match it with the hat! As you can see there in the pics, the hat has two colors nude and a black stripe. And so I wore my favorite black mini backpack, and a black velvet choker πŸ’–

To get similar pieces to the outfit I wore, go ahead a click those links above to check that out.

In conclusion, I hope you liked the post of today and that you got to check the details about the outfit. Please let me know what are your thoughts about the outfit of today. 

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And by the way, have you ever been to a pumpkin patch before? πŸ€” πŸŽƒ And did you like this outfit? Will you ever wear it? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ON A COMMENT DOWN BELOW