Because We Are Still Wearing Off The Shoulder

November 20, 20169:13 AM

I have a confession! In the five years that I have living in Miami last weekend was actually the first time that I visit Wynwood Art District 🙈. For someone who likes art and fashion like me, Art District is a place that needs to be in the 'MUST VISIT' list. However, I have to say that I didn't t know about it until like three or two years ago. And even though, I never wanted to go there by myself or I usually forget that it's there. 

Moreover, I actually did like the art district. It's so full of creativity and different types of art 💗. I just love how you can see so many colors and ideas all in one place. In fact, if you go I do recommend taking kind of like a full day for it, or at least half of a day. Just so you can take advantages of the different walls, and take pictures, and do a lot things around there. 

Anyway, since I always wanted to go there to take pictures, I took a really cute outfit to do that. I did wear heels, but since we were walking a lot I took a pair of sandals just so when I get tired I change it. I WORE THE HEELS BECAUSE  I WANTED TO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF THE OUTFIT I PLANNED FOR THE BLOG. Otherwise, I think it's better to go with more comfy shoes, unless you go straight to a restaurant and maybe walk like two blocks around there 👠👟. 

So please take a look at the pictures of the outfit and let me know what do you think. Below the pictures, I will give the details of the outfit and websites where you can get similar pieces. Scroll down and enjoy:

 ✨ Outfit Details✨

Off The Shoulder Navy Top (Mine is from Rose Gal):

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (mine is from Hollister):

Lace up caramel heels (Mine is from Go Jane):

Wide Chain Choker (Mine is from a store I went in Downtown Miami ):

I really hoped you like this outfit as much as I did. Please let me know on a comment what do you think about it. 

Btw, if you live in Miami YOU HAVE TO GO TO WYNWOOD. Even if you are not into arts, they have other options for you enjoy such as: RESTAURANTS and cool stores. And if you don't live in Miami and you re planning to come, then I recommend to visit Wynwood, and enjoy the creativity from our locals and international artists. 

Have you ever been to Wynwood before? Please let me know your answer on a comment down below

Thank you💖