OOTD: The tank over the shirt look

October 22, 20167:05 AM

When you were a kid you probably wore something that you might look back now and say, "What were I doing?". Am I right? 😂  I remember I used to wear mini flare skirts over a jean, long striped socks over a jean too, and tops over other tops as well.

In fact, I never though I will wear one of those crazy ideas from back then now. However, that's the secret-no-secret thing about fashion, it always come back on a certain time. So, here I am (and some of you too) wearing one of those outfits I used to wear back then: The Tank Over the Shirt Trend. This trend was very popular on the fashion shows fall's runway this year. Many designers decided to incorporate this trend in their collection, and I got say, "well done for them".

So, for this post I wanted to show the outfit I wore the other day, and give you details about where you can get the look, and an idea on how can you style them.

Check it out:

Outfit Details:

White T-Shirt (Mine is from Bar lll at Macy's):

Chiffon Blush Lace Tank top (Mine is from Forever 21 Red):

Black Trousers ( From forever 21 red):

Lace-Up nude flats (From Nordstrom Rack, Aldo Brand):

Handbag (Kate Spade):

Choker (From Love Culture. I wore the two string to the back):

Other favorite looks with this trend:

The tank dress over the shirt is totally so fave💖 

To make this trend pop out, always choose a contrast color. For example, if you are wearing a white tee, then try to pick you tank top in another "POW" color such as red, yellow, etc ... You can wear then with jeans, skirts or even with some trousers pants like I did. Either day or night, this look will always suit for the occasion depending on how you wear it. I would say that the dress over the top is a little bit more elegant, so for a dinnertime I will pick the "dress over the top" trend.

In conclusion, I hope you liked this post and the outfit. Please let me know on a comment if you did!
Also, Congratulations again to the winner of the last Giveaway (IG User: @/Beautyescape_ ) I really hope you enjoy your products and thank you so much for participating 🎉🎁💖.

To end this post, I would like to know what crazy trends did you use to wear back in your teenage years? Do you like this trend "Tank over tee"? 🤔 Please let me know on a comment.

Thank you💝