Top 7 Boots To wear For The Fall 2016

September 24, 20166:16 AM

I feel like we waited so long, but FALL IT'S FINALLY HERE🍂 🍁 Hopefully it can cool down soon here in Miami.

Since it was the official day on September 22nd, I wanted to start the first week of fall with a post, of course, related to the fall season. 

So, as I was shopping around online this week for some boots, and  I got the idea of why not to write a post about one of my favorites pieces of the fall fashion: BOOTS👢. As you seen in the fashion week, boots are a huge trend right now. But, some types of boots in specific more than others. 

For this reason, I wanted to show you which boots are going to be in trend for this Fall 2016. So, for this post I'm going to give you the boots guide for the fall season, I will give you details about it, and also where you can get them with an affordable price. 

Enjoy it!

1) Flat Riding Boots

First, let start with some classic boots, the riding boots👢. This beautiful leather boots will make you feel so comfortable, and It will totally give you the feeling of autumn. This can go with anything, from jeans to leather skirts. 

Chanel RTW Fall 2016 Collection
Those are the one from Chanel, but I picked other riding boots for you guys with an affordable price. Check it out below:

2) Over the knee boots:

As soon as I saw Kylie Jenner and Stella Hudgens wearing this book back in Winter 2015, I wanted to get one so bad. AND I GOT IT😄 , and I'm so happy I got an amazing deal on it as well. This fall, these boots are so IN. Designers such as Givenchy, Chanel, and Prada were using this boots on their collection. From flat to heels, this boots can make your outfit bomb. 

These are the ones that I selected:

-A flat one from the fave one: Get it at Forever 21

3) The Ankle Boots

Such a favorite this year! This trend has been one of the most used as well in the fashion week 2016. Designers such as, Ralph Lauren and Erdem rocked that runway with the ankle boots. This year you have various selection, from suede, leather, velvet, and even plastic material😍.

This are so easy to combine with. You can wear them during a daytime with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or on an outstanding night with a a pair of suede ankle boots and a leather skirt or a beautiful satin dress. 

Check out the ones that I selected:

4) The Printed Boots

This boots are so fun to combine with. When you wear this is like all eyes go straight to your boots. You can dress up super simple on the top, but if you wear a pair of printed boots your outfit will be chic and complete. You can find them flat or with heels, ankle or high knee. From Jeremy Scott to Michael Kors, designers decided to have a little fun with printed boots. check these out:
Get affordable prices printed boots down below:

-Extra Cute: Get it at ASOS

5) Metallic Boots

Shine Bright like a diamond with metallic boots for the Fall season✨ . Metallic has been a good and a consistent trend this year. So, for this reason designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Prabal Gurung, and coach decided to include this beautiful trend in their collection. You can find them mostly in hues like silver and gold, but rose gold can be a pretty good color as well. 

Take a look to this beautiful metallic boots:

Treat Yourself: Gianvito Rossi at Barneys

6) The Hiking Boots

I am a hiking lover🌲 but these boots for sure are not to go hike on a mountain and get all dirty with it. If maybe I could take a hike to the mall then yes, this luxury hiking boots will totally make it. 

We saw this trend in fashion runways form Calvin Klein and DKNY. Because of its shape, luxury hiking boots are classify as an statement. You can wear them with a pair of jeans while you cozy up in a fire camp night or with a tight and a skirt for a fall day. 

Get hiking boots for the fall below:

So, those are the top 7 boots that you will see around for this fall. Designer made this fall season super fun and colorful. I'm so excited to start wearing these boots. So, if you haven't try at least one of them, don't be afraid to try them, have fun with them. 

I already order a pair of suede ankle boots from Lola Shoetique and I can't wait for it. As soon as i get them I will show you the picture on my twitter and also on an outfit that I'm planning to wear 💖

What about you? Do you have any pair of these at home already? And which one is your favorite so far out of these seven? I want to know what you guys think. PLEASE let me know on a comment down below.

Thank you😀