Top 10 trends that you must wear for this Fall

September 10, 20168:19 AM

Are you as excited as I am for the Fall season? That cool breeze. The smell of pumpkin when I go to a candle store, which I love btw. The Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pecan pies. Oh and of course! THANKSGIVING 💖 I'm literally doing the countdown for this Fall 2016... Even though we don't get it right away here in Miami, I still want to feel in my head that it is Fall 😄.

I'm not only excited for the fall things just like the ones I mentioned above, but I'm also excited because of the trends and the beautiful colors that the fashion industry came out with for this season. I feel like this year has been so beautiful when it comes to the fashion trends and color reports. Like it's been so AMAZING for real. What do you guys think? Do you agree with me?

In addition, for this post I wanted to discuss about the FALL TRENDS OF 2016. Just like I said before since the fall is really close I want to give you all the details that this season is bringing. 

As you might read before, I made a post about the hottest colors of the fall 2016 (If not click here to check it out). So, now I want to inform you about the hottest trends that you will see a lot around and that I recommend wearing for this Fall 2016. 

Check it out:

1) Velvet Anything

Yeah velvet is back and it's officially the fabric of the season. You can get this from a purse to a coat. Just make sure that if you wear it, make it pop. Make this piece of clothing the pop-out on your outfit. 

Get some Velvet Items from those links below:

2) Statement Fur

I'm pretty sure you will feel so warm and cozy with a fur coat. I feel amazing when I wear fur because I think of it as my fur blanket. However, I also feel elegant and fancy as the same time. THAT'S THE POWER OF THE FUR 😅. In which btw I wear them Faux just because I'm not into animal cruelty. Anyway, for this season the main focus on wearing FUR will be to get them in bold colors or prints. Then, you will be looking like the boss of coziness.  

Get Some Statements Fur:

3) Ruffles:

I love the ruffles trend because it makes your outfit looks so girly and very Spanish inspiration (This is what I mean by Spanish Inspiration). Designer decided to include this trend on their collection for the Fall 2016. 

Get Ruffle Trend Clothing:

4) Metallics

YES YES YES! I'm so into this. You can totally wear metallics during a day or a night out. But the one that designers are focusing more for the fall is the Gold metallic. 

Get metallic garments:

5) Bomber Jackets

This is another favorite. You can combine them with mini dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts. Basically anything. Designers have been using this trend for the Fall 2016 and it looks amazing. 

Get bomber jackets here:

6) Pant Suits

Designers wanted to put this in trend with a slim, stylish and colorful way. So you can, also play with this trend and make it chic by adding an off-the-shoulder top or a ruffle top. 

Get Pants suits:

7) Chokers

From a little velvet choker to a Statement choker, this trend keeps going on for the rest of year. Either you want to wrap a scarf around your neck or wear a choker, this trend will give you a splash of boldness. You can find so many beautiful chokers or you can even make it your own. I've searched for DIY chokers idea and they're pretty easy. 

Get chokers on the link below:

8) Pink and yellow

I'm so in love with this trend. It's like having a splash of spring in the fall season. It's a very modern combination for this season. You can totally make it very autumn by wearing turtlenecks and paring it with coats. 

Get a pink and yellow outfit on the link below:

9) Off-The-Shoulder

Oh God I'm so not tired of this trend 😍  
Yes guys we are still going to have this trend for the Fall season and I couldn't be more excited. Designers kept this trend again from Spring 2016, but they made it with a little bit more of the sexy silhouette. Check it out:

Get off-the-shoulders below: 

10) Plaid Overcoats
Last trend of the top ten. For this season designers made plaid clearer and neater. They used this print almost everywhere, from cocktail dresses to outerwear. The most seen are the overcoats.

Get some of them down below:

And so we conclude with the Top 10 trends for fall 2016. Which one is your favorite so far? 

Remember to always wear trends with a touch of your style and personality, that's what makes it unique. Also, if you want to check out what will be the hottest colors of the fall season you can check out one of the post I made (Click Here) so you will know the perfect combo: Colors+Trends of the Fall 2016.

Please let me know what do you think and which ones are your favorite trends out this four on a comment below.

Thank you.