Showing a little with a Off-the-shoulder Top

September 2, 20166:19 PM

OMG! You guys, Can you believe it's already September? I swear I remember last Christmas like it was yesterday. Times flies! I'm pretty sure we said that phrase a lot, but do you actually notice for real that it does? 

Anyway, hopefully y'all doing going this week. I was kind of off from work so I took the time to re-decorate my room. I finally did some arrangements that I wanted to do way before to my room, but now I got some of the furniture and all that room stuff. And I'm still waiting for more, so whenever all that is ready I can totally show some pictures of it. 

Moreover, for this post I wanted to show you the outfit that I wore yesterday and give you the details about it. As you might seen, the trend Off-The-Shoulder is back. From dresses to beautiful boho tops this trend had been taking all over the stores and brands. Like everything in fashion, this trends have made a huge come back. It started all back in 1800s and now we are enjoying it like never before. 

When you wear an Off-The-Shoulder anything, it makes you look sexy, but not imprudent. That's one of the reasons I love about it. Also, c'mon let's admit IT IS WAY TOO HOT to be wearing a lot of clothes on. Or I guess is just here in Miami? So, at least you can feel that hot breeze on your shoulders. 

Another good news about the Off-The-Shoulder trend is that you don't only get to wear it on the summer but on the FALL as well. YES! SCORE! This trend had also been seen in the many collections from the Fashion Runway for the fall 2016 Season. So if you already bought some of the Off-The-Shoulder items (or maybe you had them from years ago) you still get to use them for the fall too. 

So, for my outfit I wore a white Off-The-Shoulder top that I got for a really good price on Ebay. I combined it with a Tropical print Dolphin Shorts from Forever 21... And to see the rest and some other similar options of the outfit, just keep scrolling down and you will have the information.

Outfit Details:

Off-The-Shoulder Top:

Tropical Print Dolphin Short:

Black Straps Sandals:

Mini Backpack:

Long Velvet Choker:

You see? So easy to wear and so trendy. 

I really hope you did like the post. Let me know what you think about it on a comment and if you are into this trend as much as me or you pass on this one. LET ME KNOW EVERYTHING on a comment own below.

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By the way, I'm thinking about doing a GIVEAWAY for December. I'm collecting a lot of stuffs to give away SO if you are interested about that too let me know on comment as well. 

Once again, thank you so much for your visits and comments.