September Favorite Items

September 30, 20166:59 PM

Say hello to October๐Ÿ

November just ended and I cannot be more excited. YES! We are getting closer to those real autumn days, cool breeze might come sooner and I will be able to layer up my outfits. And yeah I have to admit it, I can't wait for that THANKSGIVING night๐Ÿ— . 

I like that we are getting close to those days, but I also hate the fact that we are transitioning months so fast. Like it feels like August it was just yesterday. So, I do want Thanksgiving and those real autumn days to be closer, but I also don't want this season to end ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ.

Since we are over with the month of September, I wanted to make a post to show you guys my favorite items of the month. I did enjoy shopping in the month of September, because that's where most of all the stores started to transaction from summer to fall. So, every time I walked in a store I could feel the "I'm getting ready for the Fall Season" theme, and you could start shopping for those autumn items. 

From candles to jewelry, my favorite items of September were items that I used the most in that month (And I still use it now). So, take a look to the pictures and details of where to get it.

Enjoy it ๐Ÿ’–

First let start with my faves sunglasses. I enjoyed this sunglasses so much! 
Since we still get a lot sun here in Miami in that month, sunglasses is a most.
I got these beauty at:
 (top) Forever 21
(bottom) BP at Nordstrom

Oh how I love this mini backpack. You've probably seen this in some of my previous outfits. I use this a lot because I just love how it goes with everything , and i can fit multiple things in it.
I got this babe at:

And when it comes to jewelry my fave had been these three. The silver watch which I just got the last week of September, and since then I'm so in love. It's so cute and jus because it is silver it make it more wearable.
Also, those two beautiful necklaces. If you are into minimalist items and little details then this necklaces are a must. I just love how cute and beautiful they are. They can be so simple but it kinds gives you the feeling of delicate (at least for me). 
I got them at:
Watch: Charming Charlie
Both necklaces at: Forever 21

Now let's go to the beauty part. I want to share my love for this body cream. OMG YOU GUYS!๐Ÿ’– You need to get that cream ASAP. It's the new body cream form Clinique call Gelato Cream. It's literally like gelato ice cream, soft and rich in texture. You can feel the moisture on the skin. I got it in the "Sugared Petals" scent. It's smell really good, not too much but not too soft neither. It's just perfection for your body skin. 
Next, the little orange-pink macaroon shape product you see there is the Clinique Sweet Pot. It is a sugar scrub in one side and the other side is a lip balm with a tint of color. I use the scrub twice a week to exfoliate my lips. I love the fact that scrub has different type of oils such as, avocado oil and more. So, after the scrub my lips won't feel so tight because of the amazing ingredients that it contains. The balm I literally use it almost every day. I wear it to sleep and a little bit before a put on a matte lipstick so my lips won't be so dry. 
I got these, of course at: CLINIQUE. 

Lipsticks and concealer, Heck yeah !
You don't want to know how many lipsticks I got. Yeah I know, I don't use all them everyday or so. But c'mon, a girl should never have enough lipstick (that's a tricky motto for your wallet tho๐Ÿ˜… ). 
So, during the month of September I used several colors of lipsticks, but the 2 were the one that I used the most. 
The mauve/pink matte liquid lipstick from Bare Minerals is just amazing. It dries matte, but it doesn't feel fry at all and it last. Good buy right there! 
Then we have the Nars Concealer. I love how it covers a lot, I just don't use it every day (I have another concealer for every day use). I do like to use this one for the weekends or a good makeup day. Just because I was using it everyday and I started to notice that it kinds of dry the eye area. 
Last, the Kylie Jenner Lipgloss in the colors LIKE. I love to use this lipgloss for those natural days. I love how it feels, how it smells, the pigmentation, and even though it is a lipgloss, it does stay on for a good time. 
First Lipstick: Bare Minerals at ULTA
Concealer: Nars in Nordstrom
Lipgloss: Kylie Cosmetic
Last but not least, I would love to share with you guys my favorite scent for the month.
First, let's thanks the Lord for Bath and Body or Yankee Candles. (shhh๐Ÿค  I prefer Bath and Body)
Hopefully, my love for candles stay on forever.

So, I went to shop to bath and body at the beginning or September and I got myself so many autumn candles. Not only because I wanted to start using them, but also because I like to stock them just in case they run out (REALITY: I stock my faves seasonal scent, because I will have to wait for the next year to get them again).

My favorite is always the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I also got the scent call 'Autumn' and a new one named 'Berry Pumpkin Strudel' which btw smells really good too. 
I also got a hand sanitizer, well many of them, but this is the one I've been using lately and I love it. It is the 'Limoncello' scent. It's smells so fresh!

So that is my list of September Favorites, I really hope you enjoy it. I really liked those items so much, and for sure I'm going to keep using them. 

Are you guys using any of these items? Please let me know on a comment if you are using of the items up there or if you had use it in the past.

By the way, I wanted to thank all the visitors from my last post. It did hit a really good number of views. So, I'm glad that you guys liked the post. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ’

If you have any comments please feel free to post on the comment box down there, I will totally appreciate it. 

And I wish a good start of the month and hopefully you enjoyed the post!
Thank you