My Top 5 favorites Summer trends of 2016

August 12, 20167:41 AM

This summer has been one of my favorites season when it comes to fashion trends. Well I can say that this year 2016 so far has come with nice and chic fashion trends.

Since Summer is almost gone I wanted to prepare a post about the "My Top 5 Favorite Summer Trends". Even though I did like more than five trends, of course, I just wanted to show you my favorite Top 5.

So down below you will find my favorites Top 5 trends of the Spring-Summer 2016 season.
Let me know on a comment which one is your favorite trend as well.

1) Off-The-Shoulder:

This is the number one piece of clothing you should have on your closet for this summer, and my first favorite of course. This piece of clothing is so beautiful, chic and sexy. The fact that you show your shoulders with this piece, makes it so intrigued and elegant as well. You can find this trend on a dress form or a Top. Check the images below:

2) Halter tanks:

As you might seen on the last post (Click here to see the my last post ), I talked about Halter tanks. This piece of clothing is so fresh, wearable, and comfortable. For sure it made it to my Top 5 list of favorite trends of the summer, not only because it's comfortable and I feel free with it, BUT because it is so easy to combine with and it's so stylish as well.

3) Mini skirts:

Another that made it to list is the Mini Skirt. From Denim mini skirts to Suede Mini Skirts, this has been part of my summer outfits and one of my faves from the Spring-Summer 2016 trend. It's a classic piece that gives you a modern-vintage look (Does that word even exist?).  The cool thing about Mini skirts is that you can always dress it up or dress it out. Like, you can go from a sporty morning look to a Elegant-chic night look.

4) small purses/backpack:

Tiny purses are just so adorable that I don't know how you can say NO to them. And even though it is small, you can totally make an statement with it by getting it in a bright color. If you are a minimalist person you are probably so IN with it. But for many people it might not be convenient for everyday use of course. Why? Because you won't be able to fit all the stuff you fit on a bigger purse or handbag, BUT the important things will fit in there for sure.

5) Serenity and Rose Quartz everything:

I left this one to the last just because I wanted to end with this trend. It is sooo my favorite because it can fit all the trends above and more. My favorites top 5th Summer trend of 2016 are the colors Serenity & Rose Quartz. I'm so obsessed with it. Everything in those two colors I love it. Those colors are just so mellow and romantic that they literally gives me peace and confident.

In conclusion, those 5 trends that you saw up there are my favorite top 5 trends of the summer 2016. Of course there were some other trendy items that I still wear a now on the summer such as: Baseball caps, sneakers with skirt, summer sandals, and much more. But these 5 are kind of like the main ones that I love.

Let me know on a comment which one are your favorite trends of the Summer and if you also have a top 5 as well.

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