Look of the Day: Bold Stripes Skirt

August 19, 20168:49 PM

Since Bold Stripes is a summer trend, I wanted to wear this old skirt before that trends goes. Yeah as I said, the SKIRT IS OLD. Well, not like 10 years old but 4 years old... Is that consider old? 

Anyway, I wore this outfit last Sunday when I went to visit Orlando. I was walking a lot around and I actually felt very comfortable with it. This look is so girly, and trendy as well. The only problem I had (at least for me was hard this time) was that I couldn't find something to match it with so I just wore a black crop top. Well, actually it's not that I didn't find anything to match, it's just that I wanted to wear a crop top and from all the other colors that I have the black one was, of course, the one that matched better. 

I wore this skirt before with a pink chiffon sleeveless top, and it looked great. However, just because I wanted to wear a crop top it made it a little bit difficult for my choices. I had to say though, another good color that this type of skirt looks good with is the Mustard. So, you can also give it a try with that color instead of black. 

Take a look to the pictures below and let me know what you think on a comment. I will give details of where to get this outfit and similar options below the pictures, so keep rolling down so you can find more about it.

Outfit Details:

Crop Top (Mine is from Topshop):

Skirt (Mine is from Macy's):

Shoes (Mine is from Topshop):

Backpack (Mine is from Nordstrom):

Necklace (Mine is from Forever 21):

Lipstick (For those interested in it):
NYX Liquid Soft Matte Lipstick in "VANCOUVER"

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