Halter Tanks for the Summer...And for the Fall as well

August 5, 20168:25 AM

Summer is almost gone, and so will be the hot weather. Well, not for us who live in Miami. 
When it comes to fashion, we usually see around a lot of tank tops, short skirts, shorts, basically a lot of skin in the summer season. On the other side when it comes to the Fall season, we usually cover ourselves more and do what it calls 'Layering'.

So you are probably thinking that you should say "good-bye" or "See-you-next-summer" to some of your clothing pieces that you bought specifically for summer this year. But actually, what about a "Hello again" for the fall to those items.
Who said you have to hide them away in your closet. No! You can totally rock' em with a fall style.

So even though, in this post I will be showing you a Summer Outfit, I wanted to let you know about the main clothing piece that I want you to concentrate for this post. It is something that you can wear in the summer, but rock it in the fall as well. And that is: The Halter Tank.

Years ago, I know I wouldn't wear that type of top. The fact that I would have to be braless kind of scared me away from it. Now, I totally love it and I will keep using them until I get tired of it. It is so comfy and stylish. And not only that, I also feel so free with it, or I guess it is because I don't have to wear bra :'D.

Halter Tanks are now everywhere, from Rosetta Getty to forever 21 you can find so many beautiful halter tank tops. In the summer, you can use them with shorts and heels or even with a skirt and sneakers. And in the fall, you can pair them with a weather-according coat or jacket, favorite pair of jeans and boots. Or make it fancier with a full midi skirt, heels and a jacket.

Below you'll find the picture of the outfit I wore last week. I went for a walk to the mall and the park (Bayside Mall-Bayfront Park). I felt super comfortable with the outfit.

As usual I will give the details of the outfit and where to get it.

Enjoy it:

Second Outfit

Outfit Details:

*1st Outfit*

Halter Tank Top (Mine is from PacSun)
-Get it at PacSun
    -Get it at ROMWE
-Get it at Nordstrom
Get it at Express

Shorts (High Waisted Denim Shorts from Forever 21)
-Get it at Forever 21
-Get it at Topshop
-Get it at Saks Fifth Avenue
-Get it at Nasty Gal

Sunglasses (Retro Round Sunglasses from Forever 21)
-Get it at Forever 21
-Get it at Nordstrom
-Get it at Sunglass Hut
-Get it at Style Bop

*2nd Outfit*

 Halter Tank Top  (Mine is from Pacsun as well)
-Get it at PacSun
-Get it at Forever 21
-Get it at Make Me Chic

Jeans (High Waisted Jeans from Hollister)
-Get it at Hollister
-Get it at TopShop
-Get it at Gap

Shoes (Sandals from Love culture)
-Get it at Target
-Get it at Macy's
-Get it at Guilt.com

Bag (Same cross-body bag as the 1st Outfit)

+Check links from the first outfit detail+

Cap (Leather Baseball Cap from Love Culture)
-Get it at Lulu's
-Get it at Go Jane
-Get it at Winner Caps

So, remember that the Halter Tank tops not only can be good for the Summer but also for the next season, Fall. So don't put them away, just layer them and make them "Fall Stylish". 

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Thank you so much for your time,
Until next time.