Color Report: Fall 2016 Hottest Colors

August 26, 20168:42 PM

Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope this weekend will be fun and relax for ya'all.

I've been waiting for this post since the beginning of the month. As soon as I saw that the colors of the Fall came out I wanted to write and let you know about it.

So like I mention above, this post will be about the color report of the Fall 2016. I will show you the colors and give you the definition or representation of each one. 

Also, is good to have in mind the inspirations for this color report. Pantone says that tranquility, strength, and optimism inspire and reflects this color collection.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says, "Blue Skies represent constancy as they are always above us, Grays give a feeling of stability, red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot pinkish, purples and spicy mustard yellows suggest a touch of exotic."

With this in mind, take a look to the hottest colors of Fall 2016 and don't forget to comment which one is your favorite. 

1) Riverside

This is a brand new color from Pantone that represents the "cool and calming, strong and stable" side of the blue palette for the Fall 2016. Very elegant and goes well in every skin tone.

2) Airy Blue

This one is another brand new color from Pantone as well. The Airy Blue represents lightens and freedom. This color is the like Serenity but for the Fall-Winter.


3) Sharkskin

Also a brand new color. According to Pantone, there's an edge in this color but remains neutral at the same time. It is Pair-able with almost any fall color.

4) Aurora Red

This beautiful bright color adds a splash of sexy, bold, and confidence to the palette. You can totally combine this with some colors from the Fall Color Palette such as, Sharkskin, Spicy Mustard, and warm taupe.

5) Warm Taupe

This is a very pleasant color and so pair-able with the 10 Colors of the Fall. It transmit stability. It is a neutral color and so calm.

6) Dusty Cedar

This is like a Fall-Winter version of the Rose Quartz. According to Pantone, it represents warmth and welcome.

7) Lush Meadow

I'm actually excited for this color. It is also a brand new color from the Pantone Color Collection. It is a rich and elegant, Vibrant and sophisticated color. My favorite combo with this color is the Spicy Mustard.


8) Spicy Mustard

Of course one of my favorites.  Not only because I love how it looks on my skin, but also because this color is exotic, vibrant, and you can have many options to combine this with.

9) Potter's Clay

A very earthy tone that adds elegancy and well representation of the Fall Season. Goes so well with Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Riverside, and more. This totally reminds me to a good hot Pumpkin Spice Latte. SWEET!!

10) Bodacious

According to Pantone, this color is very unexpected for the Fall, which I'm agree. But the good thing about it is that it will turn anything in you outfit in a statement because it will totally pop out. Beautiful to combine with Spicy Mustard.

I can't wait for this Fall season 2016. It is so full of vibrant and elegant colors.

I want to know, which ones are your favorite colors for this Fall Color Report 2016? Let me know on a comment, I will be happy to see it.

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