Casual Dinner Outfit: For a GNO

July 23, 20168:20 AM

It was a warm Saturday night. I’m pretty sure it was between the 80-85 degrees. So, I went to grab dinner my sister and just sit there and have some food and a drink for me. I was so hungry that you should’ve seen the before and after of my stomach on that day. I literally ate with my eyes. I was so full I couldn’t stand up right after we were done.

Anyways, for that night (since it was hot) I decided to wear a short-sleeve body suit in flower prints, a suede olive short skirt, and black lace up heels (or booties sandals).  I loved the combination of the flower prints and the olive colors, because it’s like the olive green represents the green leave or stem of the flowers.

For this post, like usual, I want to show the details of the outfit I wore for that night, and also similar options of where to get it. So, I hope you enjoy this post and always remember to always add a little piece of yourself in every outfit so it can be unique and you can feel identify with it.

Outfit Details (Click links below to find out)

Flowers Print Bodysuit (Mine is from love Culture):

Suede Olive Short Skirt (Mine is from Kendall+Kylie PACSUN):

Black Lace Up Heels (Mine is from Marshall's)

Cross-body Black Bag (Mine is from Forever 21)

So those are some options that I found for you to try the outfit I wore. Hopefully you can try any of the outfits I had shown you so far. And you if you had you can go ahead and shoe me by tagging me in any of my social media websites or even here (I will leave the links below so you can tag me).

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