Summer Item To Watch: The Shirtdress

August 3, 201610:52 AM

Even though is always summer in florida (Insert mad emoji here because It's always too hot), the official summer season is around the corner. For this reason, I wanted to show you an outfit/piece of clothing that will be one of your best friends for this summer. I wore this outfit last week (pictures below) and I found it very comfortable and chic. In fact, I will probably be wearing that type of outfit a lot this summer.

So, for this post, I wanted to concentrate in one specific piece of the outfit, the Shirtdress. Not only a shirtdress is very summery, but it is chic and trendy as well. So, for those moments that you're in a rush, and you have to go out to the mall, or to grab some lunch, or even for those movies nights with your boy/girl or friends, this outfit can solve your "I don't have anything to wear" problems. So, check the pictures below to see the whole outfit and click those brand-names below for more information and other suggestions of each piece of the outfit. And please let me know on a comment what is your opinion about it, and don't forget to subscribe to the blog and share this as well if you find it interesting. Enjoy it! 

Here I combined the dress shirt with a pair of ankle booties+light brown cross-body bag.

Outfit Details:


In this one I tried to wear it with a platform flats and yes It still looks chic:


And the next one, I change the flats and closed shoe for an open toe sandals in black. I added the orange mini cross body bag to make the outfit stand out with a hint of color:


Also, remember to always add something that match your personality and style to make your outfits more unique. That's the trick of being trendy and fashion: Being able to wear the trends but always with a hint of yourself. Thank you!