Road Trip Vacation: Outfit for Day 1

June 2, 201611:37 AM

"Fashion is made to become unfashionable." - Coco Chanel

  At least once or twice a year, vacations are a must have in our life. Taking a vacation will not only benefit your body and mental health, but it will also give new opportunities to explore the word and get to know what's around you. Just like Dalai Mala says: "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." So, for this first Summer trip of 2016, I went on a mini road trip with my family to Holiday, FL and the cities around it. We rented a vacation home in Holiday, which by the way it was super cute. The house had a porch with a huge lake, it had four bedrooms with 4 bathrooms as well. It was a big house and a quiet neighborhood as well. In this trip, we went to Clearwater beach, we visited Tampa and explore some parks over there (Click here to see some pictures I posted on my Photography IG ). I did enjoy those days away from home.

  For this post I decided to show you the outfit that I wore the first day of the trip, and where you can find the same or a similar pieces of the whole outfit.

Outfit Details:

Mine is from Topshop, but apparently they don't have it anymore. Click those links below to check some similar options for this top.
Topshop at Nordstrom
Nordstrom RACK
Rose Gal
More options here

High mini skirts is a 70's trend that is back again. I bought mine at PacSun from the Kylie+Kendall fashion line.
PacSun Kendall+Kylie
Miss Selfridge
Nordstrom Mini Skirts

I choose to wear sneakers to make the outfit more sporty and chic.
Forever 21
Nike at Macys

I choose the round sunglasses to make it more retro.
Forever 21 sunglasses
BP Sunglass at Nordstrom (The one that I have)
Round sunglasses
Retro Sunglasses on Ebay

Necklace and Earrings:
They both are from forever 21.
Earrings and Long Layered necklace Both from Forever 21

Thank you for reading and hope you like this post.

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