Off The Shoulder and Fishnet Trend

July 26, 201710:57 AM

We've seen so many trends out there. There's always the ones that you love and others that you just don't like it at all. However, what I love the most about trends is that it always comes back. For instance, the fishnet trend. Have you try the fishnet trend already? Last time I tried it I was probably around 12. Now it came back even more powerful, and I have to confess that I love it.

OOTD: Rock Your Mesh Sweater

July 17, 20177:38 AM

Fishnets and mesh clothing are really in for this Summer. You can wear them with a bra, without bra and combine it with many things to make your outfit sexy and trendy at the same time. 

Check out the outfit I wore while I was on vacation in New York and let me know what you think:

I really want to let you guys know that this outfit was super comfortable to wear. I love how you can combine the mesh sweater with different things such as, a bralette, a top, or  a dress. I also combined the blue bralette with blue flatforms which are super IN right now, and added a blue purse with a blue cap. 

Outfit Details:

Thank You so much for checking this post out, let me know on a comment down below: Are you into the mesh trend? 

Two Casual Outfit With The Same Jacket

July 8, 20177:30 AM

Don't you love when you have a piece of clothing that you can wear with anything? I DO!😁
I love how you can pull out so many outfits with it and look good. For instance, this jacket that I will show you is one of them.

I wore these outfits when I was in NY. The first day I wore the jacket to walk around and do some errands before leaving to Miami. The other outfit I wore it for the airport. 

Sunscreen Tips You Need To Adopt

July 5, 20178:15 AM

I have to admit it! I do have an obsession with sunscreen 😀
When I got my first job in the USA at the age of 17, I didn't own a car so I had to take the public transportation in order to get to my job. Miami-Dade public transportation it's kind complicated and not as good compare to those big cities such as New York, Boston, Washington, and others. To get to my job, I had to stand for 30 minutes or an 45 waiting outside in the sun for the bus, so it can take me to the metro station and from there I had to walk like five more minutes to get to the store I worked for.

Food that are totally worth it in New York

June 30, 20176:20 AM

When it comes to food, I love trying new things. I enjoy traveling and getting to know other's culture and cities, but if includes local food from wherever I am HEY COUNT ME IN!!

I recently went to New York for the second time this year. It has become one of my favorite cities in the USA. The people are awesome, and the environment is very energetic. Since NY is the capital of the world, I love how people are exposed to so many different cultures, and that opens your mind and eyes as well.