Truth about these Starbucks drinks: Bought it and tried it

June 20, 20177:14 AM

Yes! I love Starbucks and trying new things from their menu as well. So if you do love trying new drinks then keep reading this post 😀.

5 different ways to rock your bralette

May 13, 20177:56 AM

I remember when bralettes came out again, 🤔 I think it was last year? Anyway, I wasn't really excited about it. As soon as I tried my first bralette I literally felt in love with it. The feel, the comfort, and the design of it was just way too good for my "lil babies"🌕🌕. Now I own about six pairs of them, and I enjoy wearing them whenever I'll wear them. 

April Favorite Beauty Products

May 2, 20172:51 PM

I can't believe April is gone already. I remember January like it was just yesterday. I like that the days go by fast, but at the same time I hate it. I feel like you can't take advantage of the time, because it goes by really fast.

Anyway, I'm happy to show you guys the products that I bought on this month and that already used. I love to share my favorite beauty products with others, because I feel like if the products are really good why not let others know about it so they can be happy with it as well? Right? I'm not selfish when it comes to that 😂 😂.

Spring 2017 color report

April 22, 201712:40 PM

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."-Wassily Kandinsky.

Thanks God for Pantone 😂 💝 Every year and every season they bring us happiness with new and old colors that will be on a top 10 list of the season. This list represent the colors that are in, and that designers will or already used on their collection. You will see these colors around for the entire season of the moment. Also each of the colors represent something that in general will match the whole meaning of the color collection. 

Darling Spring!

April 16, 20171:36 PM

Darling Spring!